Other blogs I like

I’ve come across several awesome blogs and I wanted to share the joy with you.

Mr. Money Mustache is one of the first blogs I discovered. Its tagline, “Financial Freedeom Through Badassity,” delivers on what it promises. Mr. MM cuts through bullshit, calls out weak excuses, and offers plenty of ideas on life and money. I don’t remember how I came across it but it’s super popular and has quite a following.

It’s hard to describe the brilliance behind Wait But Why. It’s written by a fellow millennial (I think the “Why” is a play on words for “Generation Y”—though I could be mistaken, and anyway now includes a small team of writers). One of the most-celebrated posts is “Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy.” This post instantly captured my attention (and my heart) and made me gravitate toward the blog. The concepts, the adorable pictures, the honesty with which the author depicted the life of my fellow millennials—brilliant I say. Oh and “How To Beat Procrastination” is equally awesome (also with illustrations!) and gives me hope.

Dr. Psych Mom was recommended to me by a friend. The author lives in  the state of Washington and blogs about relationships, parenting, and psychology. She has quite the sense of humour and sticks to her values, which I really admire. There is also a helpful Q&A section.

Mark Manson’s blog is about “Personal Development That Doesn’t Suck.” I thought his post on “The Guide To Strong Boundaries” was quite good. It includes such gems as:
“Healthy Personal Boundaries = Taking responsibility for your own actions and emotions, while NOT taking responsibility for the actions or emotions of others” which might not be a topic of interest to everyone but appealed to me.

âpihtawikosisân is by a Métis woman who writes about language, culture, and life from a legal and indigenous perspective. Originally from Alberta she now lives in Montreal. I came across her writing when the Attawapiskat First Nation housing crisis first made headlines in Canada in late 2012.

Dr. Dzung Vo is a well-respected Pediatrician in British Columbia (yay for local talent!). I had a chance to meet him and attend some of his lectures. His website offers resources for managing anxiety and stress, and living with more joy and gratitude. He also wrote The Mindful Teen Book for those who want additional resources. I think he’s come across some messed-up, hopeless situations in his practice and saw that mindfulness was very effective—for children and adults alike.

This kind of rounds out the list for now, I may add more favorites in the future.







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