This “About” page advised me that unlike posts (those inferior, bratty little things), it was far better suited for more timeless content. I feel like that’s asking a lot. What I might be persuaded to share about myself today might no longer reflect the me of tomorrow. So an update might be needed soon. But for now…

I’m a millennial! You might have guessed from the name of the blog. Yeah, that one took a while to think up. “Not Another Mommy Blog” was already taken, darn it, by someone who has a pretty awesome claim to fame: “Award-winning UK blog by London based magazine editor Alison Perry – a mix of opinion, travel, style and family life.”

I have no such claim to fame, and besides, I’m not really a mommy yet. The same objection (the latter one) prevented me from claiming the “Not Another YEMMie Blog.” The earliest reference I could find to Young Educated Millennial Moms was from 2012. But seriously, YEMMies are all the rage these days if you’re in market researchers or the snacking industry!

Did you know that according to this latest study from Ipsos Reid, aptly titled “Canadian Snacking Nation 2016” snacking is on the rise?

Check it out if you don’t believe, but 67% of all snacking moments or “all consumption occasions” as the researchers call them, occur outside “traditional” meal times: